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18.06.2014 5 advices for heels choosing
Heels are always actual. You can wear them on your work. You can go to the date. You can meet with your friends and go shopping. Heels are your true friends. We give you advices for their choosing.

30.12.2013 Happy New 2014 Year and Christmas!
Whole editorial web-catalogue 'Footwear' congratulates you, our dear readers, the project participants and shoemakers! Happy New 2014 Year and Merry Christmas!

19.06.2012 Emporio Armani with shoes for Cinderella
Emporio Armani showed off a more edgy look, opting for skyscraper transparent heels with chunky white and nude ankle straps...

14.06.2012 Zara wins court appeal against Christian Louboutin
Zara - saller shoes, clothers and accessorize wins court appeal against Christian Louboutin to sell red-soled shoes...

30.12.2011 Happy New 2012 Year and Christmas!
Edition of web-catalogue Footwear congratulate you with New Year 2012 and Christmas!

22.06.2011 Shoe monument in Prague
The monument of footwear has been built by summer of 2007 and repeats the form true female pumps on a high thin heel...

21.06.2011 The Annual Southafrica Shoe Expo 2011
The shoe Expo is the first of its kind on the African continent to solely dedicate an entire expo to people in the show manufacturing and distribution sector from all over the world...

23.05.2011 Iranian shoe exhibition
From 25 till 28 of May in Meshed is spent the 4-th International exhibition of leather dry goods and footwear, the equipment and production of the tanning industry...

18.05.2011 Do girls at age seven need Sketcher Shape Up shoes?
Sketcher Shape Up shoes claim to bring fantastic fitness results to women and men. But now, the famous shoe has a new target audience: seven year old girls...

06.05.2011 Adolfo Dominguez specially for Converse
Converse are connected with a name of the young and new designer from Spain, Adolfo Dominguez which has made to the American brand capsule collection of gym shoes and sneakers...

05.05.2011 Shoes on a high heel without harm for foots
Designer Raphael Young has presented R-Flex shoes, which was a super-flexible shoes in which the weariness is not felt...

04.05.2011 Flip flops 2014
Flip flops is such summer footwear which any person cannot do without last years almost. In fact it is the easiest and free footwear...

15.04.2011 Toms Shoes: 'One Day Without Shoes'
Who would have thought that shoe fashion and the desire to benefit humanity could go hand in hand (or shall we say foot in foot) with each other?

14.04.2011 Snake sandals - whether the nature will suffer?
Designer of footwear Ana Locking's has released a collection which includes extremely snake sandals of different color combinations...

13.04.2011 Luxury shoemaker sues over red sole design in NYC
Christian Louboutin S.A. filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan against Yves Saint Laurent S.A.S., another French company based in Paris...

24.11.2010 Brazilian Footwear Industry is the 3rd biggest producer
The Brazilian Footwear Industry is the 3rd biggest producer in the world. It want to increasing the export volume and at decentralizing the destination of shipments, expanding the presence of Brazilian shoes in the world map...

17.08.2010 NH's Timberland to expand eco-friendly footwear
Three years after The Timberland Company started rating the environmental impact of some of its products, the company said it plans to expand its "Green Index" to all its footwear by 2012...

01.06.2010 Beach shoes Melissa - plastic solution
It is summer and there was a small problem - what to put on shoes at the beach, so that was worn long, and looked decent, and it was convenient? Brand Melissa offers plastic solution...

25.05.2010 New brand - Gino Vaello: luxurious and comfortable
In 2010, chain stores Intertop prepared a nice gift charming Ukrainian women's - Gino Vaello now in Ukraine...

24.05.2010 Fashionable wedding shoes 2010
Wedding shoes in 2010 must conform to fashion trends, or to recognize the signs for a happy family life? Should shoe studs for tall platform sandals or open?

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