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Web catalogue FOOTWEAR - new of the day 5 advices for heels choosing
Heels are always actual. You can wear them on your work. You can go to the date. You can meet with your friends and go shopping. Heels are your true friends. We give you advices for their choosing.

Last news

Happy New 2014 Year and Christmas!
30.12.2013. Whole editorial web-catalogue 'Footwear' congratulates you, our dear readers, the project participants and shoemakers! Happy New 2014 Year and Merry Christmas!

Emporio Armani with shoes for Cinderella
19.06.2012. Emporio Armani showed off a more edgy look, opting for skyscraper transparent heels with chunky white and nude ankle straps...

Zara wins court appeal against Christian Louboutin
14.06.2012. Zara - saller shoes, clothers and accessorize wins court appeal against Christian Louboutin to sell red-soled shoes...

Happy New 2012 Year and Christmas!
30.12.2011. Edition of web-catalogue Footwear congratulate you with New Year 2012 and Christmas!

Shoe monument in Prague
22.06.2011. The monument of footwear has been built by summer of 2007 and repeats the form true female pumps on a high thin heel...

The Annual Southafrica Shoe Expo 2011
21.06.2011. The shoe Expo is the first of its kind on the African continent to solely dedicate an entire expo to people in the show manufacturing and distribution sector from all over the world...

Iranian shoe exhibition
23.05.2011. From 25 till 28 of May in Meshed is spent the 4-th International exhibition of leather dry goods and footwear, the equipment and production of the tanning industry...