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Adolfo Dominguez specially for Converse

Adolfo Dominguez - gym shoes ConverseConverse are connected with a name of the young and new designer from Spain, Adolfo Dominguez which has made to the American brand capsule collection of gym shoes and sneakers.

Several years ago it was difficult to connect the Spanish and American fashion, but today Iberian peninsula makes many successful brands.

From the world famous fashionable brands it Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear and Stradivarius. Now, if you want to look fashionably - that should look at the Spanish tendencies.

As have made and Converse. They have decided, that very talented Spanish fashion designer, it should come Galizia to create together with Converse a collection gym shoes and sneakers.

Sneakers and gym shoes are executed in style unisex from a fabric and a leather.

For those who never heard about the designer, Adolfo Dominguez makes small collections of footwear which always are roughly discussed by public. He has opened some shops worldwide which carry a name of the fashion designer.

In Italy at present there are only two boutiques where it is possible to get gym shoes or sneakers from collection Adolfo Dominguez and Converse.

Gym shoes Converse from a new collection look unostentatiously, simply and stylishly. They do not contain heavy colours and motives and as always, are executed in excellent quality.

Source: Sport shoes

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