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27.11.2006 Search. Technology AJAX by Google
Search. Now site supports technology AJAX by Google.

21.11.2006 Exhibition Boots 2
On October, 27, in Friday inhabitants of Yekaterinburg will have the opportunity to see a lot of various footwear, but only in a miniature

21.11.2006 Spanish shoes the best friends of girls!
On October, 25 nine best manufacturers of footwear of Spain have presented to the Russian press their collections of a season spring - summer 2007

09.11.2006 Dispatch of news - the detailed information
Dispatch of news - the detailed information. Dispatch of news is an opportunity to receive news right to the e-mail address. You have opportunity to become one of addressees of dispatch of shoe news of a website

09.11.2006 "Rossita" against infringing goods
Within the framework of the program Russia against contrafact company "Rossita" has taken part in voluntary certification and get the certificate of conformity THE MARK OF YEAR for female footwear Lisette in a category Footwear, accessories

09.11.2006 Manolo Blahnik is disappointed by his new collection of footwear
Manolo Blahnik, the designer creating footwear for stars, has recently declared that multitude of women carry just awful footwear...

09.11.2006 Ashley Simpson face of Skechers
The singer and actress Ashley Simpson becomes the new face of the Skechers - shoe firm.

09.11.2006 Collection in make it yourself style from Steve Madden
Steve Madden, the American designer of footwear, suggests an opportunity to all interested persons to create desirable footwear, having chosen height of a heel, a material, patterns, colors and furnish

09.11.2006 Fake of Lacoste costs to the manufacturers 39 million
Counterfeit footwear Lacoste a total cost in 39 million peso has been withdrawn by the National bureau of investigations in Philippines

09.11.2006 Vodka and footwear are taking out secretly from Ukraine
The Volynsk region. The Ukrainian frontier guards have detained two local residents who tried to forward to Belarus vodka and winter footwear

07.11.2006 Finns will provide mums having many children from Petersburg with winter footwear
Finns will provide mums having many children from Petersburg with winter footwear

27.10.2006 How to choose boots without defect?
How to choose boots without defect? Some rules...

27.10.2006 The winter needs to be met in valenki
This time it will be fashionable to meet new year in valenki. And today it is possible to choose them for all tastes.

26.10.2006 Joint venture "Belkelme". Spring - summer 2007
Joint venture "Belkelme" has presented by a season spring-summer 2007 more than 40 models of footwear

26.10.2006 Footwear for the kid
If you dont want to go shoping so frequently in search of children's footwear for your kid you can buy him boots by Inchworm

26.10.2006 2
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24.10.2006 Meryl Streep cannot carry Prada
Meryl Streep, who had played editor-in-chief of fashionable magazine with tyrannical character in new film the Devil carries Prada, has admitted that she cannot wear shoe of this Italian fashion - house.

24.10.2006 The French luxury: shoes by Maria Antuanetta
It is possible to talk a lot about good or bad luck of film "Maria Antoinette" by Sofia Coppolas, but it is clearly - many women of fashion would not refuse to fill up their wardrobes with these cinema attire.

06.09.2006 Novelty from Bernhard Willhelm
Novelty from Bernhard Willhelm

06.09.2006 In E will understand with the Chinese footwear
The European Union is going to enter antidumping duties concerning footwear from China and Vietnam

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