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Shoes on a high heel without harm for foots

Shoes R-Flex from Raphael YoungIt is difficult to go to footwear all the day long, if it on a very tall heel. Here Raphael Young has taken care of this problem and has created super-flexible shoes in which the weariness is not felt.

Designer Raphael Young has presented the new development which, according to the announce of the fashion designer, combines in itself both beauty and a real practicality.

The inventor assures of sphere of a fashion, that in this footwear on a flexible sole it is possible without efforts to pass all the day long to any woman, despite of a high heel.

Young speaks about the child: Beauty and convenience in one bottle - the big rarity .

So because of what so this new footwear is unique? First of all, steel plates which make footwear very steady are inserted into a heel, Young explains.

Second, the sole is made of gel which prevents sliding, he continues.

And still the main feature of these shoes which have received name R-Flex, consists in their sole which bends on a place of bending stops during walking. In this place the sole is made of elastic and strong rubber.

Well and that the sole was not bent and not braided, near fingers the V-shaped steel plate is built - in.

Such supershoes in the Great Britain already cost 400 pounds sterling, that in roubles there will be approximately 18350 roubles. Soon we shall hear, whether so are convenient shoes R-Flex as of that we are assured by Raphael Young.


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