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Beach shoes Melissa - plastic solution

Beach shoes Melissa - plastic solution of summer 2010It is summer and there was a small problem - what to put on shoes at the beach, so that was worn long, and looked decent, and it was convenient? Brand Melissa offers plastic solution.

Previous season, the brand launched Melissa shoes with wings - it was on a low platform, about 3 centimeters and with a small rise. A novelty in this shoe was first and foremost that it was made entirely of plastic, and only then - that it was unusual wings.

This season, Melissa is not far behind unusual solutions and offers over a wide range of footwear, which includes sandals and ballet flats and sneakers - but again, all made of plastic.

Have you ever think plastic shoes Melissa? Of course, this is an unusual innovation, which is not at all.

This very moment convinces fashionistas to buy at least one pair of plastic shoes.

Beach shoes Melissa - plastic solution 2010Besides design of this shoe is so extravagant that when you first look at it - you can fall in love and the only thing - what to look for another pair.

Among the new collections Melissa - colorful plastic ballerina - or with an infinite number of "spider" or with a small "dimple" on the toe.

Present and all the beloved flip-flops - with bows, casements, unusual crystals. The collection is slippers marine theme sandals baby animals and many other interesting models.

So lovers of unusual footwear - Melissa must be to the soul.

Source: TM Footwear

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