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The Annual Southafrica Shoe Expo 2011

Shoe Expo 2011 in South AfricaThere has been increasing investment interest in South Africa as a base for accessing Africaís potential as an almost untapped source of raw materials. In 2008, over US$14 billion worth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entered South Africa, more than double the previous yearís recorded investment flows. In 2008, the World Economic Forumís Global Competitiveness Index ranked South Africa 45th out of 134 global nations. In 2008, South Africa attracted 82 international association meetings and was ranked 34th in the International Congress and Convention Associationís (ICCAís) country ranking for international association meetings. Cape Town attracted 42 of these meetings and achieved 35th place in the ICCAís global city ranking.

Known as the gateway to Africa, South Africa is home to 6% of Africaís population, and accounts for approximately 25% of the continentís Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also boasts 45% of Africaís mineral production, and 50% of the continentís purchasing power. South Africa has played a major role in the formation of the New Partnership for Africaís Development (NEPAD), plotting a course of economic growth and poverty alleviation. With a population of 1 billion people, Africa provides enormous market potential for import and export trade.

The Annual South Africa Shoe Expo is an initiative aimed at tapping into the continentís increasing preference for trade and industry investment. It aims at bringing together shoe manufacturers from all over the world and buyers so as to open up trade avenues on the continent and elsewhere.

Expo Purpose:

The expo is focused at availing a strong platform to exhibit and bring to light opportunities that exist for shoe manufacturers, distributors and buyers of footwear from the whole world. It aims at highlighting the untapped business tourism sector in South Africa which has growth potential of close to 5 Billion rand.

The Event:

The event is a platform intended to bring together footwear manufacturers, distributors, buyers and the general public from across the world. This will also serve as an opportunity for business men and women considering joining the footwear sector to gain valuable insight and knowledge of the workings of the trade and also build valuable contacts.

Through the event, we will be able to showcase South Africa and the African continent as a whole as a viable investment and business tourism destination. The event aims at attracting over 10000 delegates and exhibitors from across the world. It will also explore better business management methods and practices to improve productivity.

The event is scheduled to take place late 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre starting at 08:30hrs till 18:00 hrs. Expected participants will include the following:

1. Footwear manufacturers.
2. Footwear Industry experts.
3. Footwear distributors.
4. Footwear Designers.
5. Chain stores.
6. Chamber of commerce groups.
7. Buyers.
8. General Public Event Expectations.


The Expo will provide a well structured networking opportunity between shoe manufacturers and distribution channels. This will be through the various breakaway events, that will be organized and presented to participants. This based on the premise that people do business with other people and not companies. The expo will provide a platform for exhibitors and visitors to explore what business opportunities exist in the shoe industry on the continent as a whole. Face to face interaction will therefore be an integral part of the Shoes Expo.


The Shoe Expo will have a charity event aimed at raising funds for cancer hospices around the country. Exhibitors will be asked to donate a pair of shoe each that will be put up for auction at an evening during the Expo. All proceeds from this auction will be disbursed to an identified charity.


Because shoes are a fashion accessory, the expo will feature a ramp to showcase the latest in shoe wear trends. Exhibitors will be invited to participate in the glamour event that will give them more branding opportunities apart from the exhibition itself.

Exhibitor Profile:

Exhibitor categories include woman's, men's and children footwear and accessories, industry technology, footwear publications and footwear industry associations

The shoe Expo is the first of its kind on the African continent to solely dedicate an entire expo to people in the show manufacturing and distribution sector from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to explore business and develop business linkages with Africa as a whole. The expo will also act as a bridge between manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

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