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2010 - year of a tiger. And the same footwear?

tiger's footwear 2010 slippersAccording to astrologists to meet coming year to women followed in new shoes even if the holiday is marked an at home in a circle of family. Female shoes should be leather - matte or varnished, it is necessary with a bright accessories.

The Tiger concerns to man's footwear, probably, more indifferently, in this occasion of concrete recommendations was not defined. But the question remains: how to put shoes on in new year of a tiger? Really tiger's footwear - a trend of seasons?

The Chinese manufacturers do not stand on a place. So, Chjou Changfa, the national handicraftsman, has shown the manual work " Tiger's footwear ", - traditional Chinese slippers from a fabric for children, in settlement Taoshan in Hanshan County, in the east of China in a province Anhui.

tiger footwear shoes boots slippers sandalsManufacture of footwear - family business for local residents and for Chjou Changfa too. And created by him children's tiger shoes - can bring success in 2010.

And so to show respect for a symbol of the next year, it is necessary to have in a wardrobe something striped is there can be a dress in a strip, footwear, accessories. The footwear is better for picking up from a natural material, the leather in the best way will approach.

Fur accessories too should not be excluded. Preferable colors: yellow, terracotta, orange, white, silvery, gold. If to choose the striped order in footwear and clothes black strips are undesirable - it is not necessary to repeat in accuracy tiger's colour. But tiger's footwear with white, yellow or golden strips will be quite pertinent.

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