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Color of footwear spring-summer 2009

Calmness, only calmness! It should be in a coming season. Perhaps, quietest of actual color decisions brown and beige scales of footwear spring summer 2009 become. Natural beige designers have named the basic, base palette of this spring and summer: cream, creamy, pale-yellow colors became key in many collections. On their background bright accents are looked even more advantageously! 

Coral footwear summer 2009: a stylish trend of a summer season which will meet more often in trand ensembles. 

Orange footwear 2009: juicy carrots the attention draws and charges the optimism, it is chosen by those who is ready to be adjusted on the most positive power of summer. 

Dark blue, grassy green and turquoise: colors of the most fashionable and courageous, - the magic electrician and turquoise scale, as a rule, dark and sparkling (the atlas - in clothes, a varnish leather - in footwear and accessories). A mix: in a fashion a rainbow! Designers call to combine colors: the than a combination will be more courageous, the your image becomes more actual!

Source: Footwear spring 2009

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