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Veal, goat, pork shoe leather or a substitute?

For manufacture of footwear basically the leather veal, pigs and goats is used.

Телячья обувная кожа The veal shoe leather. The most durable, strong and thick skin - 1,8-2,5 mm. The footwear from it well approaches for daily socks in the most severe weather conditions.

Pork shoe leatherPork shoe leatherPork shoe leather. Cheaper and less strong. It is easy for learning on large, rare pores from the removed bristle on a face sheet. Does not transfer a moisture - loses the form, therefore basically it use for manufacturing linings, insoles, tops and applications.

A goats shoe skinA goats shoe skin. From this most thin (0,8-1,5 mm) leather sew modelling female footwear.

Suede. For its footwear basically make of a skin of the lamb or a deer. It is very thin (from 0,7 up to 1,5 mm) a soft leather, but on durability it concedes kid. But suede is not afraid of scratchs, long keeps a decent kind and, processed special an aerosol, does not pass a moisture. However a dust and pollution from it to remove uneasily.

Velour. This is the ground leather. Only velour grind from the interior of a skin, and ground skin - with obverse. For care of velour it is necessary to get a special brush with pile from rubber.

Split. This material simulating velour, receive from sawn along pork skins. The footwear made of it is considered the day off and is intended for dry weather or office. Cautiously, a substitute! In shops it is a lot of footwear from an artificial leather, and it sometimes is difficult for distinguishing from natural. Therefore the first, on what is necessary to pay attention at purchase, - presence to footwear of a label with symbols where there is an information on a material of which it is made.

For example, figure as a skin designates a leather, a rhombus - synthetics, and hopsack - textiles. It is quite good to know and speaking another language names of materials.

In Italian a natural skin - vera pelle, in English - genuine leather, in German - echtleder, in French - cuir. And let you are not misled with presence of a narrow leather strip at a lightning - it is sewn specially to confuse buyers. Do not overlook and about some distinctive features substitute.

Its structure is always multilayered. The basis, as a rule, textile, and an obverse layer will consist of a rubber covering. Second attribute - hem edge hiding a cut. Bring a hand to a material: the natural leather is heated up and starts to give heat, artificial - leaves feeling of an easy cool. On it when you will take away a palm, there is a damp stain.

Do not sniff, it is useless - footwear impregnate with the special structures, simulating has begun to smell a natural skin. Already houses it is possible to check up purchase with the help of water: the droplet will slide off an artificial skin, and on present - remain, will not be absorbed yet. Natural suede to the touch should be soft and velvety and at all rough.

Small time and a scratch - also attributes naturalists. If to carry out on a surface of suede a hand color should change. One more kind of a shoe material - the pressed leather. Slices of a skin (as a matter of fact,) mill waste products of manufacture, add fastening loading and press in sheets of the correct form.

An external layer subject to painting. Naturaly in such skin approximately as much, how many in the natural grass which has visited a stomach at the cow. Therefore be attentive at a choice of leather footwear.

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