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Full color scale of the boots, made of crocodile leather in FERU

If the scarlet suit by FERU needs claret boots made of the alligator’s leather, they can be got at once, not wasting time to made order and expectation. In FERU there is a full dimensional line - shoemaker have already made such boots which are necessary for the visitor.

Frequently the exacting gentlemen who have got used to all the best, despite of their high status, are limited in a choice: any boutique of expensive menswear does not offer footwear from a crocodile’s leather of such work and a material quality in alternative colors, except for black, brown, and sometimes grey colors. Such state of affairs in the market absolutely clearly - the product made of a crocodile leather is very expensive, especial if it is the footwear which is let out to made order. To bring, and furthermore sew all color line is very unprofitable. Easier to offer the client a sure version for all occasions - black or brown colors.

Client of FERU - the person very solvent, leading active and interesting way of life - wishes to get boots of a green, yellow or dark blue shade. He has already got a target suit of greenish outflow or he goes to the secular reception and wants to show off with a smart thing of brightly yellow color. He need the corresponding footwear - convenient, correct quality and correctly a shade. Such, as in FERU.

To full color scale of crocodile boots FERU offers the belts of tremendous quality made of an integral piece of a crocodile leather – it’s a big rarity and not each boutique can allow itself such thing. Besides of all this there are warm and soft domestic slippers to each pair the boot and they are made of a crocodile leather, precisely same color than boots.

In Moscow only FERU resolves to itself such kind of a small "pranks" and for this reason it known as the best boutique. Moscow boutique FERU - unique shop for today where the solvent client can forget about compromises in colors, form and fabrics of any offered thing.

FERU – the monobrand boutique of Mr. Ferutdina Zakirov - was opened in 2006. Concept FERU is based on cooperation with leading world factories with the purpose of merge of the strongest sides of each of them with the basis on experience of Mr. Zakirov.

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