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"Sprandi" is the Hongkong trade mark registered in 1994 by the same company Sprandi International. The head office is in Hongkong, in Kiev there is a representation. Production of the company is focused on East Europe.

"Sprandi" is the international producer of sports footwear, clothes and accessories sold in Ukrainian by wholesale and retail with the help of the nets of distributors,and also by the help of their own trade shops.
The footwear is made in Southeast Asia (basically in China). The design studios of the company are in London.
In the Ukrainian market the company "Sprandi" exists since 1997.
Nowdays the following trade subbrands are represented in the Ukrainian market.

"Sprandi Sport" is divided into tennis,football, volleyball, and jog. In the modelling line we can find sports footwear,clothers and accessories for sports and active rest. The products line is represented by the sports footwear for professional sports and rest, by the clothes (blazers,overcoats,sports trousers, tolstovkas) and accessories (sports bags and knapsacks,socks etc.). This collection reflects the tendencies of the market.

"Sprandi Active Life" - this subbrand offers the goods in fashionable sports style for daily wearing. The product line is represented by the clothes (sweaters, jackets,trousers,raglans,blazers etc.) and accessories (knapsacks, caps etc.) This collection reflects tendencies of the fashion market.

"Earth Gear" - this subbrand includes footwear and clothes for active rest and daily wearing. The product line is represented by sports footwear for tourism and active rest (skateboard),by clothes (blazers,wind-breakers,track-suits and jogging trousers,tolstovkas,jumpers and jackets from the fliss,roll-neck sweaters ) and by the accessories (road bags and knapsacks,satchel bags wallets,cases, gloves, scarfs, caps,etc.).

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