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The Ramex s.r.l. purpose is to produce and trade innovative articles that should be usefull for people's wellness: we produce not only hygenic shoes already shown.

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Web catalogue FOOTWEAR - new of the day 5 advices for heels choosing
Heels are always actual. You can wear them on your work. You can go to the date. You can meet with your friends and go shopping. Heels are your true friends. We give you advices for their choosing.

Main subjects of the season

Flip flops 2014
Flip flops is such summer footwear which any person cannot do without last years almost. In fact it is the easiest and free footwear...

Snake sandals - whether the nature will suffer?
Designer of footwear Ana Locking's has released a collection which includes extremely snake sandals of different color combinations...

Veal, goat, pork shoe leather or a substitute?
Veal, goat, pork shoe leather or a substitute? For manufacture of footwear basically is used the leather of veal, pigs and goats...