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Sunching Machine - we provide every kind of regular & special machines for shoes producing, handbag & leather machinery equipment as well as all kinds of testing instrument.

Surely you will find whatever you wanted. You will also enjoy the good service from consulting, ordering & after-sale. With over 12 years experience, being good quality, on time delivery & quite fair prices.

By highly dedicate to the R&D and promotion of energy economization, environmental protection, automation, we respect to the product quality, to take every chance to provide customer in the advanced equipment All Sunching Machine people are sincerely looking forward to working with you and create the bright future together.

All new machines, no 2nd hand sources. Main Products: Cutting machine Piece of Skin Machine Ruffled Machine Gluing Machine Computer Take Prototype Computer Stitching Machine Special Stitching Machine Conveyor Line Vamp & Counter Lasting Machine Shaped Machine Steam Wet Evaporate Soft Machine Sole Adhered Machine Nail Nailing Machine High-frequency Machine All Testing Instruments Leather Measurement Machine + More than 25 other kinds in category……

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