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Contact International - we are a Trading house for the foreign leather buyers for their procurement of various types/tannages of good quality crust, finished & chrome free leather from our Bangladesh market out of Cow, Goat & Buffalo.

Our offer of leather is as follows:
• Semi Vegetable : Cow, Goat, Buffalo drum dyed Crust & Finished.
• Full Vegetable : Cow, Goat, Buffalo drum dyed Crust & Finished.
• Chrome free Veg. free : Cow, Goat drum dyed Crust & Finished Leather.
• Chrome free full veg : Cow,Goat drum dyed Crust & Finished Leather.
• Full Chrome : Cow, Goat, Buffalo Crust & Finished leather.
• Lining : Cow, Goat lining crust & Finished leather.
• Split : Cow & Buffalo split in wet blue & drum dyed crust.

Please check the above items and if you feel them suitable for you , please don’t hesitate to ask for our samples, free of charges, for your approval.

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