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Flip flops 2011 - men's and women's

flip flops summer 2011Flip flops is such summer footwear which any person cannot do without last years almost. In fact it is the easiest and free footwear.

That is why now such wide assortment of flip flops. They and on polyuretan to a sole, both on rubber, and on wooden.

They from a leather, from rubber, usual textiles, jeans, a leather substitute, etc.

In 2011 they with florets, figures on a sole, additional straps above, thick or narrow strips.

The fashion has reached and that flip flops 2011 already without standard straps along top of footwear, and is simple with a wide button between the big and second toe.

Water, the hot sun, beach with a charming surf - the best pastime in hot summer everyday lives.

flip flops 2011And the footwear for beach rest should be corresponding - easy, practical, maximum open. This exact description of flip flops 2011 seasons.

Flip flops summer 2011 differ from the last seasons a minimum of a decor and a maximum of comfort. The main ornament of footwear is the original color decision.

Such summer footwear is perfectly combined with beachwear, and clothes for productive leisure. The soft, flexible sole will provide convenience during day.

Man's flip flops summer 2011 differ wider strips at the top of footwear and female models for the weight of the man usually is more are little bit thicker a sole, rather than, and the way of life most likely is more active.

Female flip flops summer 2011 can combine beautiful accessories as on footwear (bows, srtasses, etc.), and on the leg of the owner. If you have got not striking pair of footwear it is necessary to think of an easy bracelet on a foot. To flip flops it is very pertinent accessory.

flip flops for female 2011The summer - excellent is time for rest not only sincere, but also physical. Take care and of the foots, do not make heavier their massive footwear. Be easy in all.

Little bit earlier, flip flops were traditional footwear for the majority of inhabitants of the Asian countries: Vietnam, Japan, China. Flip flops are universal, they are carried both women, and by men, adults and children.

It is usually accepted to carry flip flops without socks, on a barefooted foot and in informal conditions, basically on a beach. Also them frequently use as footwear for pool or a bath.

The unique exception, allowing to carry, flip flops with socks is a traditional Japanese footwear, for example dzory. Socks for such footwear refer to taby and have the special form, the big finger in them is separated from the others.

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