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Freshness and comfort without compromises

Freshness and comfort without compromises A lot of people have such delicate problem as excessive humidity of foots and the following from this unpleasant smell, however not everyone is ready to admit it. Meanwhile, this phenomenon – not an attribute of your untidiness or cheapness of your footwear at all. In fact even if yon are wearing expensive shoes, but spend in them all the day, the discomfort appears simply because air does not act to your foots. The footwear from synthetic materials is beautiful and convenient, but at its regular "using" promotes occurrence of unpleasant smell and strengthens sweating. If in addition to all this you have to wear elastic stockings and tights in the summer (a business dress-code, what can to do …) the situation can become even more unpleasant.

Specially for the solving this problem and rescuing millions people from awkward situations, have been created the freshening insoles Kiwi Fresh'ins which consists of five ultra-thin layers. On the top – the softest layer – is pleasant even for naked foot and passes moisture, the following layer – contains the fragrant microcapsules providing freshness, the third – absorbs a moisture, the fourth – interferes with insole’s deformation and the last fifth layer has anti-skid effect in such way insoles Fresh'ins are reliably fixed and don’t prevent during your movements. There is one more important thing: they are ultra-thin (only 1 mm). Even in very narrow footwear which so is loved by young girls, these insoles will be imperceptible. Besides Kiwi Fresh'ins keeps internal surface of your shoes absolutely clean. So not indifferent for your heart (and for your purse) footwear will keep the original form for long time. Each pair of insoles is designed approximately for a week. Taking into consideration that one pack contains 6 pairs, you will be relieved of any discomfort connected with hyperhidrosis of foots on one and a half month. It’s rather conveniently and economically, is it? Beautiful legs don’t demand victims! Shoes on high heels are not just a footwear – it’s the present symbol of your female appeal and self-reliance. Anyhow graceful shoes on spike heels are present in wardrobe of every girl – even if you are fan of sports style, anyway exist some situations when running-shoes are simply inappropriate. But besides all advantages, spike heels have one, but very essential lack – walk wearing such footwear is not really conveniently. Especially if your graceful "stilettos" are just bought and put on at the first time. Have you already make a reserve of healing and softening creams? Certainly these things are useful but the problem must not be eliminated, they must be forestalled, Kiwi will help you in this situation too! But this time it would be not an insoles – it is special gel small pillows Smiling Feet. Small pillows Kiwi Smiling Feet have been created in view of all anatomic features and needs of your gentle foots. Kiwi Smiling Feet are invisible to extraneous eye, but thus allow you to forget, that you are wearing not a sandals, but shoes on a high heel. Having self-adhesive bottom surface, gel pillows Kiwi are motionless during your movement, and the considered form relieves you from all painful sensations and, by the way, from callosities. Whereas Smiling Feet are producing in several modifications (for heels, for fingers, under thongs, etc.), You will easily search the necessary variant for any pair of footwear. And if you are still doubt, take advantage of special mini-pillow Kiwi for any part of a foot. One more problem appear for us in Summer: in sandals and furthermore in a sabot, our foot frequently slides, and it’s a kind of funny to observe, how the woman, convulsively tries «to catch escaping shoes». To relieve yourself of such events and always be on the ball, you can take advantage of special small pillows Smiling Feet for sliding feet. As well as all production of Kiwi, it allows your foots to feel comfortably, and for you that provides good mood and gives self-reliance.


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